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Highly-Human Focus
Including Highly-Human Jobs, the "New Work" that Technology Can't Take Over

Highly-Human Focus blog on World Future Society's Futurist website


Mind Over Technology
Coming out on top as a wired world starts to run on automatic

Book by EraNova's Director explains why
off-peopling threatens our livelihoods and lives ... and how to prevail.

We are proud to announce EraNova-managed services:

Long-Term Care Insurance Guild

Superlife   Superlife World Service

See our Futurist articles: Hyperjobs and How to Succeed in the Hyper-Human Economy

News about our new clients: 3in4 Association, ACSIA Partners
Leaders of an industry affecting the future of all Americans

Is there a knowledge-worker wealth gap?
See results of EraNova
straw poll.

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arrow Surviving the Long-Term Care Wipeout by Riding the Life Extension Wave: Special Report
arrow Surviving the Great Global Brain Drain: Special Report
arrow The Hyper-Human Economy Is Coming: Article
arrow Job Prospects Charting New Territory: Article on hyperjobs
arrow Wealth Gap, Death Trap: Paper
Mind Over Tech: Winning in a "world on automatic"
Mind Over Marketing: New leverage for better business
Mental Leverage Online: Opportunity for developers

10 Keys to Survival in RFID-world:
EraNova director Richard W. Samson appeared on CNN Presents 1/16/05. Learn how to thrive in the "world on automatic."

THINK HIGHER visuals from Texas presentation
Intercommunity: Tomorrow's community, today's opportunity
DARE: Mental model - free excerpt of the audio program

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