10 Keys to Survival
in RFID-world

  1. Know what RFID is.

It's "Radio Frequency Identification," a technology that could revolutionize commerce and society. Tiny chips store bits of information that wireless readers can extract inches or feet away. Often called "RFID tags," the increasingly ubiquitous devices -- which can be as unnoticeable as a speck of pepper on your finger -- may be thought of as interactive bar codes with added capabilities.

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Additional topics:

  2. Know where RFID tags may be.
  3. Know why companies need RFID to survive.
  4. Know why America needs RFID to survive.
  5. Know that RFID is more than "ID."
  6. Know how RFID replaces your senses.
  7. Know how to shop in RFID-world.
  8. Know how to travel in RFID-world
  9. Know how to earn your keep in RFID-world.
10. Know how to stay free in RFID-world.

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