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  Mind Over Technology: Coming out on top as a wired world starts to run on automatic. Book by Richard W. Samson. Available in quality paperback ($19.95) or ebook format ($9.95).

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Also available from Alibris.com as well as amazon.com and borders.com.

MP3 audio
  DARE: A mental model for success & fulfillment in turbulent times. Self-empowerment training for groups and individuals. MP3 audio that you can play on your PC, handheld MP3 players, and MP3-capable CD players in home, office, or car. (After buying, you'll get instructions for downloading the audio, within 24 hours).

$19.95 via PayPal (About this service)
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In development: A global network for achieving economic independence and a fulfilling life -- with the help of people, process and technology.


Consultation & Personal Coaching by Phone
Introductory rates appropriate for small companies and professionals as well as large corporations.

Provided by an EraNova associate in conjunction with the DARE program or MIND OVER TECHNOLOGY, this live support can ensure your progress toward any professional, business, or personal goal.


Business & Professional Readjustment Seminars. Based on the DARE program or the thesis of MIND OVER TECHNOLOGY.

These live sessions, run by EraNova associates and tailored to the needs of each group, offer income-generating strategies for --


  • Professionals seeking a new focus.
  • Larger companies wishing to adjust (profitably and responsibly) to changing times.
  • New and smaller enterprises seeking unique ways to make a difference and a profit.

Participants gain insight on adjusting to changing economic conditions including offshoring, job automation, and increased domestic and global competition. You and your associates will hone the ability to focus on key priorities, get more done, boost innovation and productivity, enhance teamwork and customer focus ... and infuse enthusiasm into daily activities.


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