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Our mind-related consulting has brougnt results in a wide range of fields:



IBM: We created a set of "compressed experienced" to help Big Blue's managers accelerate the improvement in problem analysis and decision making that normally takes many years of ordinary experience.

AT&T: We created prototypes for mobile interaction, and interfaces for unified communication.

Hoffmann LaRoche: We created a "bright idea program" that not only motivated employees to make improvements, but prompted their minds in creative, practical directions. The program was credited with saving millions of dollars.

Pitney-Bowes: We reduced paperwork and improved productivity by creating a time-saving alternative to traditional call-reporting. Sales personnel had to complete only one simple card per week versus endless pages. Fed into a computer, the data summarized call activity and produced reports showing all hands how the better producers invested their time. A mental model, capsuling the sales process, was also employed.

Other organizations, large and small: We specified a "universal directory" approach for unifying people, events, plans, actions, and information ... showed magazine editors and computer researchers how to apply "elements of thought" in their various tasks ... developed weekly bulletins to foster "other-directed thinking" in service personnel ...

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