Systems creation



Systems creation

If you are a supplier of electronic technology, or a major user of it, we can help you bridge the gap between people (with their mental/behavioral needs) and networks (with their myriad quirks and dispositions).

Universal interaction:


Universal interaction is a forward-looking concept for giving people eyes and ears that span the planet; arms, legs and voices that can reach everywhere and control virtually anything. Importantly, it extends the reach of the mind to wide-ranging locations and possibilities.

Universal interaction, well-practiced, also involves heightened degrees of self-conscious behavior and network-facilitated group intelligence.

Universal interaction is the logical culmination of telephony and mass communications (which let people control things at a distance) and the Internet (which promises location-independent "remote control" of a growing range of commercial, scientific, cultural, and personal activities).

We are seeking cutting-edge partners wishing to explore this uncharted space. Contact us to determine whether a telephone meeting with us would be appropriate.

Universal access:



Universal access is an operational subset and foundation stone of universal interaction.

With affiliated technical developers, we offer an "engine" that negotiates the electronic byways between end-user devices and network repositories. The end-user devices include --

  • PC's with Web browsers,
  • Wired telephones of all types,
  • Cell phones in voice or Web mode,
  • Handhelds such as Blackberry, Palm, and Pocket PC.
  • Cable TV's.

The repositories may be --

  • e-mail servers,
  • voicemail servers,
  • web servers,
  • directory servers,
  • network address books,
  • network calendars or personal information managers,
  • telephone switches or PBX's,
  • network databases containing anything from photos to music, medical records to business inventories, real estate listings to satellite-tracking data.

Suitable for use by service providers, larger corporations, and government agencies, the universal-access engine allows the rapid creation of tailored, branded interfaces -- almost instantly and without the need for system testing of the resultant code.

The team that created the engine also created communications infrastructure for a large telecom company.

To determine whether a telephone interview with us would be appropriate, Contact us.

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