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Today's key trend
What is it?

The most significant development of our time is the need to boost the mind to a new level of functiong -- a level consistent with information-age challenges. This need is underscored by a two-pronged trend toward spiraling opportunity and chaos:

  1. Electronic systems are moving into the human mental space, bringing unprecedented opportunities and dangers. Ever-smarter electronics can vastly extend the human mind or displace thinking humans and disrupt lifestyles. It's already happening. People who fail to rise to a new mental level will find themselves marginalzed.

  2. Accelerating interactivity is spawning netative as well as positive synergy. Terrorism, addiction, computer viruses, and unethical business practices are only tips of a multipoint iceberg. A new level of mentality is needed to assure that positive synergy wins out.

Why be concerned?

Depending on what we do about our minds, the result could be social chaos and a bleak future, or a golden age of mind-powered human interaction.

Networks and devices are getting smarter all the time, offering to empower us or threatening to crowd us out. At the same time, fewer and fewer people can make more of a difference, for good or ill.

POSITIVE: Electronic systems can extend our powers as never before, and anyone on the planet can confer instant benefits anywhere.

NEGATIVE: Jobs of many types are being redefined or eliminated; companies and whole societies have no choice but to restruture; perceived inequality motivates some to act distuptively, and others, unethically. Like it or not, everyone needs to scramble and adjust.

What can we do about it?

We need a strategy for --

  • living with the two-pronged trend,
  • profiting from it,
  • minimizing or sidestepping its dangers, and
  • guiding the trend in the right direction, through a general elevation of human mentality.

The strategy is ...

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