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Mind-extension deployment options

How can we leverage or enhance the elements of metamind?

The necessity for a new deployment:



When society moved from agriculture to industry, universal education became necessary (grammar school, then high school, then college); but that wasn't enough. On-the-job training was required as well, including instruction in management and specialized tasks. But this still wasn't enough. Job aids -- such as checklists, calculators, and procedure manuals -- also became an absolute requirement. Othewise, the complexities of manufacturing and commerce could not be mastered.

But this still wasn't enough. Work environments, living environments, and social systems had to change, too; and a common, industrial-age citizen/consumer conciousness had to be created through the invention of the media and mass communications.

As we now move from the industrial era to the mature information age, we need to make a similar major shift. The old legacy of education, training, job-aids and citizen/consumer consciousness simply won't do, for the legacy is rooted in ad-hoc metamind rather than consistent, high-quality metamind.

The key imperative and opportunity today is to foster "full-time" metamind and to improve its quality and the behaviors stemming from it. Only then can we master the information age; without such an adjustment, our future could spiral out of control.

Three ways to boost meta-consciousness:

  Metamind may be fostered through --
  • training (school, university & on-the-job),
  • deploying electronic systems to support meta-conscious activities (the "job aids" of the new era), and
  • structuring jobs, social systems, the media, and the environment to better invoke meta-consciousness.

Mental models are key instruments for accomplishing all of the above. Mental models cause the mind to focus on and optimize its activity, because the model "calls attention" to mental functions and how they are proceeding in any given work task or personal activity.

The need is enormous, as is the potential -- discussed elsewhere on this site. See news release about the need to act before the current "smart tech" rollout limits our options.

Among the options:

  Specific strategies and solutions, involving mental models and other instruments, include --

Other strategies and solutions include the universal company (virtual & physical commercial entiry) and universal language & money (efficient, globally-operative symbol systems for communication & transaction).

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